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An experiment. I still have no idea what I’ll be posting here.

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Lockdown Project #3

See my previous posts on my Lockdown Project here and here. After what feels like years (but was actually months), I’ve finished my bench. I’ve taken much longer than I thought I would, due to laziness and overconfidence in my abilities in equal measures, but I am happy with the result. The first development sinceContinue reading “Lockdown Project #3”

Lockdown Project #2

Since my last post, I’ve made some progress on my bench project. While waiting for an opportunity to paint the final coat on the frame, I searched for some bolts. Adhering to my frugal philosophy, I tried to find some lying around the farm. There were plenty to be found, although in different stages ofContinue reading “Lockdown Project #2”

Lockdown Project

Like everyone else, I had big plans at the start of lockdown. I was going to be a productivity machine. I was going to work out, learn programming, become fluent in another language, set a Rubik’s cube speed record, read 50 books, and make something spectacular. Some may have been more realistic goals than others.Continue reading “Lockdown Project”

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