Lockdown Project #2

Since my last post, I’ve made some progress on my bench project.

While waiting for an opportunity to paint the final coat on the frame, I searched for some bolts. Adhering to my frugal philosophy, I tried to find some lying around the farm. There were plenty to be found, although in different stages of corrosion and filth. There was also some difficulty finding more than a handful of the same type or size.

I eventually found a ripped plastic bag right at the back of a shelf which seemed promising. The bolts were clean and shiny, and there even seemed to be some nuts that fit. I smuggled them home, hoping they weren’t needed as replacements for any of the machinery. Measuring them, I was happy to find they were long enough for my needs, but not all of them. There were two different lengths, but I only need eight between the two planks, so I should be fine.

There were only seven long ones.

The offending items

This was more frustrating than finding none. I was so close to spending nothing on this project. I knew nuts and bolts wouldn’t be expensive, but that’s not the point. I liked the idea of completely using recycled and unused materials. Spending money on it feels like a real commitment. I suppose that shows how little I value my own time.

After visiting a building materials website, I was shocked at just how many variants of bolts there were. With literally hundreds of variations, the different combinations of letters, numbers and names soon confused me.

Which is why I bought the completely wrong ones. They were too short, and too thin. I’m sure they would have been thick enough too hold the planks to the frame, but they just didn’t look right. Regardless, they wouldn’t even reach through the wood, let alone leave enough room for a nut.

I’m sure it was my measurements that were wrong regarding the length. I knew they were going to be 35mm long, and I can at least understand measurements of length (but clearly not make them).

This has left me unsure of what to do next. I could buy more bolts, but seeing how that turned out, I’m not excited at that prospect. I might try and make it work with the seven useful bolts, and use a shorter one only in a decorative capacity, to keep it symmetrical.

What I worry about is that I won’t be able to undo my work if I change my mind. It’s interesting making permanent changes to something physical. I’m not used to it yet.

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