My Experience Reading 52 Books This Year

I set out to read a book a week this year, having gotten into tracking my reading on Goodreads late last year. The goal was to learn and widen my knowledge, as I believe exposing myself to as many ideas and experiences is beneficial, especially while I’m young. As the goal was to consume theContinue reading “My Experience Reading 52 Books This Year”

Lockdown Project #3

See my previous posts on my Lockdown Project here and here. After what feels like years (but was actually months), I’ve finished my bench. I’ve taken much longer than I thought I would, due to laziness and overconfidence in my abilities in equal measures, but I am happy with the result. The first development sinceContinue reading “Lockdown Project #3”

Hedonic Adaptation – and Why It Matters

What is hedonic adaptation? Hedonic adaptation is the experience of returning to a base level of happiness when something has become normal. When someone is used to something, their expectations increase, and they are no longer satisfied, and do not feel the same level of happiness. This phenomenon explains why happiness is short lived, andContinue reading “Hedonic Adaptation – and Why It Matters”

Justify Every Action and Living Deliberately – A single day experiment

Recently I decided to start making changes in my life, testing ideas and trying new things. The first was starting this blog, and the second was an experiment I conducted over one day, in order to see how my habits affect me. The experiment was simple – I’d attempt to justify every action I tookContinue reading “Justify Every Action and Living Deliberately – A single day experiment”

Lockdown Project

Like everyone else, I had big plans at the start of lockdown. I was going to be a productivity machine. I was going to work out, learn programming, become fluent in another language, set a Rubik’s cube speed record, read 50 books, and make something spectacular. Some may have been more realistic goals than others.Continue reading “Lockdown Project”